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Dynamic Asphalt Services Inc.

Dynamic Asphalt Services Inc.

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Repair any paved surface at twice the speed, half the cost, and with better results

What is spray patching?
Spray patching is a fast, cost efficient way to make long lasting repairs to damaged pavement. It effectively rejuvenates highways, roads, and parking lots, and reduces further deterioration by cleaning, filling, smoothing and sealing cracks, ravelling, potholes, gutter gaps and other bumps and depressions.

How long does spray patching take?
As an example, we can repair half of a typical city block (eg: two potholes, two wide cracks, and a gap at one gutter) in about one hour. The repair cures in 15 minutes, but can be driven on immediately if necessary, which means that we rarely need to completely close a road. Due to weather sensitvity, proper spray patching is typically done from April to October.

How does the cost compare to traditional repaving?
The cost of spray patching is typically about half that of conventional repaving.

Why is the quality of repairs better?
The spray equipment thoroughly cleans the pothole, crack or other area to be repaired. By removing all debris, including fine dust, the repair emulsions completely fill the voids and fully adhere to all surfaces, firmly binding the aggregate and bonding the patch to the pavement. In addition, the finishing process is a final layer of dry gravel. Within a few days the repaired patch blends in to the surrounding surface.

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Dynamic Asphalt

Fast, top-quality, permanent road repairs

Providing professional, reliable service throughout Alberta and BC, Dynamic Asphalt offers the most durable and cost-effective method of repairing cracks and potholes on roads, highways or any paved surface.

With our years of experience and a fleet of modern equipment, you can be assured that Dynamic repairs will both restore and preserve your infrastructure investments.

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